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How much are your services?

Prices vary depending on each home and the customized cleaning plan we come up with during a walk through of your home.

On average, a one time cleaning or first time deep cleaning usually ranges from $200-$350. For homes with 5 or more bedrooms and 3 or more bathrooms – prices typically range from $300-$450.

Recurring cleanings (weekly, biweekly) typically cost $80-$140 per cleaning.

For larger homes (5 or more bedrooms and 3 or more bathrooms) or a monthly recurring cleanings, prices typically range from $160-$280 per cleaning.

How do I set up a cleaning or get on your recurring cleaning schedule?

You can contact us in various different ways:
Call or text: 605-280-6006 (most preferred)
Email: ericka@grandluxe.us
Message us via social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

And we will set up a time for a quick walk through of your home for an estimate (most preferred). But if you need to get on the scheduled asap, we can provide you a general estimate and put you on the schedule as a soon as we have availability!

#3 Do you clean carpets?

We do not professionally clean carpets, ducts or the outside of second story windows, but we can recommend you with amazing companies who specialize in these areas.

#4 Do you have a cleaning crew or is it just one person cleaning?

For smaller homes we have 1-2 people cleaning. For larger homes (5+ bedrooms 3+ bathrooms) we have up to 2-3 people.

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